Monday, January 02, 2017

Yearly Goals, Quarter Four

Things definitely went off the rails in the fourth quarter, but I'm going to be honest.  Quarter one here, two here, and three here if you want to see how dire things have gotten over the course of the year.

Area One: Fitness Goals
1) Get 10,000 steps a day on my Fitbit.
In the 92 days of the quarter, I did not meet my goal on ONE day (damn you, October 24). I was feeling quite crummy that day and actually got fewer than 1500 steps, so I'm pretty sure I really just stayed in bed that day.   99% completion rate. I'm quite proud of this.

Over the entire year, I missed 18 days, so it was a 95% completion rate overall for the year. My average was 12,117 steps a day.  I'm going to strive to maintain this in 2017.

2) Work out at least three times a week (90 minutes total).
Week 41: 4 workouts (weights)
Week 42: 3 workouts (weights), although this was only 85 minutes, not 90
Week 43: 3 workouts (weights)
Week 44: 4 workouts (weights)
Week 45: 4 workouts (weights)
Week 46: 4 workouts (weights)
Week 47: 3 workouts (weights)
Week 48: 3 workouts (weights)
Week 49: 4 workouts (weights)
Week 50: 5 workouts (weights)
Week 51: 4 workouts (weights)
Week 52: 3 workouts (weights)
Week 53: 3 workouts (weights)

This is 100%, although I did cheat the time a bit during week 42.   This was an average of 3.6 workouts a week.  Pretty solid.

3) Lift weights at least once a week.
100% again!  I've gotten some feedback that "at least once a week" isn't enough to actually DO anything in terms of gain muscle mass and whatnot, but I say something is better than nothing.

Area Two: Communication Goals
1) Update blog at least twice a week.
October: 11 posts
November: 17 posts
December: 8 posts
This averages to 2.8 posts a week! This is the only quarter I hit this goal, so I'm pleased with the progress. I'm going to strive to maintain this, too.

2) Talk to important people (mom, sister, two best friends) at least once every two weeks.
This just didn't happen. I'm going to have a better system in 2017, though.  I promise.

3) Keep track of sent snail mail.
Ha ha ha. This was a foolish goal.  Never happened.

Area Three: Being a Grown-Up
1) Put away $X a month into savings account each month.
I, um, did not do this.  I  put just over 25% of my goal into our savings account. We have enough now in our savings account that we're seriously looking at buying a house in the next six months, so I feel kind of crappy about the last three months, but incredibly proud of the state of our savings account. In another six months I probably won't be able to say that, but we shall see how it all shakes out.

2) Keep the house clean so that you wouldn't be embarrassed if someone stopped by unexpectedly.
Yeah, yeah, our house is fine. There was a week when the number of cardboard boxes in our office was greater than the number of cat toys under the fridge, but it's been cleared up now that the holidays are almost over.

Now I just need to think carefully about my goals for 2017.  I need to keep them realistic and feasible, especially in light of a potential house move, but still something I need to strive for. 

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