Monday, October 03, 2016

Yearly Goals, Quarter Three

I am going to be honest in my evaluation of these goals, but I think it's possible that quarter three is not my strongest quarter. Quarter one here and quarter two here, if you're interested.

Area One: Fitness Goals
1) Get 10,000 steps a day on my Fitbit.
In the 92 days in this particular quarter, I hit my goal on all but three days. One of those days was a Fitbit malfunction, so I'm going to say 90/92, which is 97.8% completion rate. I'm quite happy with this. The average is about 5.3 miles a day and just over 12,000 steps a day for this quarter.

2) Work out at least three times a week (90 minutes total).
Week 27: 3 workouts (weights)
Week 28: 3 workouts (weights)
Week 29: vacation week - gave it to myself off
Week 30: 3 workouts (weights)
Week 31: 3 workouts (weights)
Week 32: 4 workouts (weights)
Week 33: 2 workouts (weights)
Week 34: 3 workouts (weights)
Week 35: 4 workouts (weights)
Week 36: 4 workouts (weights)
Week 37: 4 workouts (weights)
Week 38: 4 workouts (weights)
Week 39: 4 workouts (weights)
Week 40: 4 workouts (weights)

I only missed my goal once and I did workout twice during that week, so that maintains my 92% completion rate from last quarter. The average number of workouts is 3.5, so I'm okay with this.

3) Lift weights at least once a week.
100% again! I've really improved this since the first quarter and I like it.

Area Two: Communication Goals
1) Update blog at least twice a week.
 July: 13 posts
August: 16 posts
September: 8 posts
That averages to  1.93 posts a week. Damn it. That is STILL NOT 2. I'm not going to give up on this yet, though. I'll keep trying. September killed me - there's not much to say besides "I taught a class, graded, and cooked something" - but I'll have to figure it out.

2) Talk to important people (mom, sister, two best friends) at least once every two weeks.

I...still haven't really done this. I think I'm going to revamp this one for 2017 to include some more benchmarks to encourage a good system of measurement.

3) Keep track of sent snail mail.

Still a big nope on this. Again, I'm thinking I'll have to do something about this in 2017 to make this one more realistic.

Area Three: Being a Grown-Up
1)  Put away $X a month into savings account each month.

This didn't actually happen at all this quarter. We don't get paid during the summer and I actually traveled a bit in this period, so I'm going to go ahead and say that I'm proud I didn't have to take money OUT of savings for this period. So it's kind of a draw. I'll do better in Q4 because I'll regularly get paid.

2)  Keep the house clean so that you wouldn't be embarrassed if someone stopped by unexpectedly.

Sure. The maintenance guy came into our apartment last week instead of someone else's and I wasn't at all horrified that a stranger walked in. I have some problem areas still, but the kitchen, bathroom, and main living area are totally presentable at all times.

And that's it. It's going...okay. I can definitely do better, but I'm please with most of the progress I've been making this year.

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