Thursday, April 07, 2016

Yearly Goals, Quarter One

I set New Year's goals for myself at the beginning of the year, but I did it on the quarterly system because good habits take time to form.  Here's my accounting of how well January through March went.

Area One: Fitness Goals
1) Get 10,000 steps a day on my Fitbit.

The above is my Fitbit chart. In the 71 days from January through March, I didn't meet 10K on my tracker on nine of those days.  That's an 87% completion rate. On one of those days, my Fitbit battery ran out, one day I forgot to wear it, and for two days I was at a water park with my nephew, so I didn't wear it. Probably it's really only five days I didn't really meet my goal. I'm going to say I did a pretty good job with this one.

2) Work out at least three times a week (90 minutes total).

Week 1: 3 workouts (weights)
Week 2: 3 workouts (no weights)
Week 3: 3 workouts (no weights)
Week 4: 3 workouts (no weights)
Week 5: 3 workouts (no weights)
Week 6: 4 workouts (no weights)
Week 7: 2 workouts (weights) + two days at water park
Week 8: 3 workouts (weights)
Week 9: 4 workouts (weights)
Week 10: 5 workouts (weights)
Week 11: 4 workouts (weights)
Week 12: 3 workouts (weights)
Week 13: 3 workouts (weights)

I only missed my goal once, so the completion rate is 92%. I did workout more than three times a week more than twice, though, so my average is a little bit better than three times a week. I'll also give myself a pretty good on this.

3) Lift weights at least once a week.

The reason this is a goal is because I hate weightlifting and my bone density shows it.  So I had no momentum on this early on, but I've been consistent for the last month and a half and so while I don't have a great percentage rate overall, I'm doing better now. I'm improving steadily and think next quarter will be better.

Fitness goals are going well!

Area Two: Communication Goals
1) Update blog at least twice a week.

I updated nine times in January, four times in February, and eight times in March.  This is an average of  1.6 times a week, which is NOT two.  This needs to be prioritized.

2) Talk to important people (mom, sister, two best friends) at least once every two weeks.

Does texting count? Damn it.  I'm not good at this.  I actually spent Easter weekend with my mom and sister and have been keeping in good contact with them since then, but I pretty much fail at "building relationships with your family."  I need to keep track of contacts on a calendar the same way I do with my workouts so I can have more measurable outcomes next quarter.
3) Keep track of sent snail mail.

Ha ha ha. I did that for about two weeks. I am pretty sure this is never going to happen. I'll do my best, but my best is not very good.

So, communication goals are pretty much failures. I guess I know what needs to get bumped up into priority completion.

Area Three: Being a Grown-Up
1) Put away $X a month into savings account each month.

We have always been good savers, but now we're seriously considering buying a house in the next eighteen months, so I'm being much more diligent about putting money away on the first of each month. I almost doubled how much I had as my goal for this, so I'm quite pleased with that. Almost all of the money I make from my second job goes straight into our savings account.  I've done an excellent job with this goal.

2) Keep the house clean so that you wouldn't be embarrassed if someone stopped by unexpectedly.

I don't have a measure for this and I probably should. I'm going to set cleaning time amounts for myself for the next quarter.  In the meantime, I'd say that most of the time it would be fine if someone stopped by unexpectedly.  And the other times, well, hey, I've got a cat. She's a shedding fiend. I can't always stay on top of the fur AND my grading.  This is a work in progress.

More updates in three months.


  1. Re: Housecleaning (under being a grown up).

    We have been terrible housekeepers since forever. But recently we bought a house that had been very well cared for. Consequently, we decided we wanted to keep it clean. I heard a bit on NPR by some clean freak who wrote a book about it, and we took her advice: break the housecleaning tasks into small enough subtasks that you can maintain a consistent schedule. We divide up the rooms here, and we each do our set once every couple of weeks. Some rooms don't need quite that much attention, but most do. Your results may vary.

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