Monday, November 28, 2016

Five Christmas Ornaments 2016 Style

 It seems as if I frequently put together a list of five ornaments I consider for our ornament of the year (I went with #2 last year), but I was a bit too late in early December last year for some of the shipping deadlines. This year I'm going to do better.

1. Family Map Ornament ($12.50 + $3.95 shipping) from Rosie's Pendants - I think this might be good for some other family. Both of our families live in the Midwest, so this wouldn't be too spread out, but I think it's charming and sort of want to buy one for someone.
2.Family Stick Figure Ornament ($20) from Georgie Designs - I like the simplicity of this one. Just two stick figures for us and one for Zelda. I dig it. Plus, it's not huge. We have a tiny tree and I like that this ornament would fit on it without looking ridiculous. (One more reason for getting behind house buying. I CAN HAVE A FULL SIZED CHRISTMAS TREE.)
3. Bottle Cap Ornaments ($6.50 + $3.50 shipping) from HMSouthernCreations - I really, really, really want one of these made up with the mascots for my undergrad university, Dr. BB's undergrad university, and the university where we went to graduate school. Unfortunately for me, this shop does only southern schools and when I sent a message in the past, she, understandably, didn't have time for my dinky order for schools that are absolutely not in the south. I shall continue to long for this ornament until such time as I buy some bottle caps and resin and make one for myself. 
4. Personalized Photo Ornament Laser Etched ($23 + $3.50 shipping) from Violet Etch - I am strongly considering getting one of these made for my sister and using a photo of her dog and cat.
5. Puzzle Pieces ($29 + $4.75 shipping) from Wooden Heart Buttons - I like that these are sort of fun and Stranger Things-esque.  It also doesn't have the dreaded hearts all over it, but shows love.  I'm seriously tempted by these. If 2014 was the year of zombies because of The Walking Dead, why can't this year be the year of retro eighties horror?
6. Family Tree ($55 + $4.50 shipping) from MandalaRain - I think I'm going to buy this for my mother-in-law.  I know that her time is limited, but I also know she'll love it.  I'm really struggling with this one. 

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