Wednesday, November 30, 2016

If My Clothing Budget Was Unlimited

No one needs to go out and buy me this stuff, but in a dream world, I would own all of it.  And I would be broke. I mean, I would look great, but I wouldn't be able to afford leaving the house.

1. Tallchief dress from Title 9 ($179) - Don't pretend you don't want a Merino wool dress for winter, too.
2. Friction-Fighter Jeans from Betabrand ($98) - Chub rub destroys 100% of my pants. It's one of the main reasons I almost always wear dresses.  But these made in America pants might become my go to.  Screw it all, I just ordered a pair. They'll be here in March.
3. Just about the entire CYDWOQ catalog - Clockwise, in order I have  Market ($321), Float ($523), and Tear ($326). I would really take any and all. I have the CYDWOQ Bout and it's my go to shoe for just about everything in all seasons except summer and these shoes are well worth the heft price tag.

4. Union Suit from Guideboat ($42) - I was going to buy matching ones for me and Dr. BB last year, but they were sold out before I hit the buy button. I think it would be hysterical to open presents wearing these.I also think I would prefer the full-leg version, as opposed to the shorts. It's cold here, don't you know?
5. Tops from Michael Star - The v-neck ($78) comes in six classic colors and the slub notched tshirt  ($84) comes in six slightly more fun colors.  I really need to get some long-sleeve shirts to make it through winter, so these might be winners. (To be completely honest, I just sent in an order for henleys and tshirts from American Giant and I'm hoping to be done with this whole stupid finding long-sleeve tshirts fiasco for many years.)

6. Workout clothes - I do work out, but I do so in crappy clothing. It's never anything purposefully created to be worked out in, but something like Dr. BB's old boxer shorts or something. Maybe these gathered leggings ($78) or this Mona Tank ($64) from Evolve?
7. Socks - Just buy me all the tall socks you can find. I'm a huge fan of Sock Guys. Consider the knee high Sugar ($14.95). I really just added those to my Amazon wish list. Or maybe you're not a Sock Guys fan? How about some purposefully mismatched socks like these raspberry knee high solmate socks ($24.99). If you are someone who wants socks that are not knee high, you clearly do not live in Wisconsin. I don't understand other height socks at all.
8. Hosiery - Basically I would take anything from the Hue website that comes in tight or sheer styles.  Bold fishnet tights ($7.50), Basic Fishnet tights ($13.50 or 2 for $22 and you should just buy like ten pairs because I wear them all the time), or Cable Sweater tights ($16).  There''s no need to stop there, my friends. I would also like the Diamond on Diamond in white and black, the Dotted Mesh, the Vertical Diamond, the Vertical Net in Black and Shitake, and the Vintage Rose. I will wear it all.
9. A J.W. Hulme Co. bag - Look, I basically drool over this web site regularly, but for now the Century Canteen Bag ($395) and Emerson Weekender ($825) are my favorites. There is no chance in hell I'm going to be able to afford either of those, but a girl can dream a dream.
10. New bras - I actually don't think the prices of Real Girls are crazy, but the Dessous Mesh ($49.50) and Cool Cotton ($34.50) bras could really be useful in my day-to-day wardrobe.
And, with that, I would be all set. Maybe. I bet I could find more if I really wanted to.


  1. Women's shoe and boot prices are INSANE.

  2. CYDWOQ shoes are hand-crafted in California and I love that the shoes are repairable, so they'll last forever. I'm not opposed to purchasing a pair of boots for $500 that with another $100 or so in occasional resoling or button/lace fixing will last for decades. But I understand that I might be in the minority on that.


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