Thursday, July 02, 2015

CSA: Week 4

I'm actually a tiny bit disappointed with week four's offerings:
Summer squash (2! tiny! squashes!)
Rainbow chard
Garlic scapes
Fresh young onions
It's not that this is a BAD basket, it's just not super useful for us.
  • The squash is so little it's pretty useless. We'll probably just grill them with some oil and seasonings for a dinner side one day this week.  Or maybe I'll make some zucchini bread.
  • I will eat the peas and kohlrabi raw with my lunches. Those peas are amazing.
  • We'll use the chard in a frittata with feta and black olives.
  • The lettuce is Dr. BB's domain as per our agreement. Last week we actually used some of the lettuce when we made tacos and that was pretty good. Taco salads on day two used a good chunk of the lettuce.
  • We still have garlic scapes and scallions left from the last week or two. This always happens to us. We never use nearly enough alliums to keep pace with what the farmers give us. We will use a scape or two with our polenta lasagna tonight, but we have absolutely no plans involving those onions at all.
  • I'm probably going to make pesto with the basil and a couple more scapes. Last year I made some basil pesto and it was amazing.
We did okay with the basket last week, but we did not use the scapes, scallions, or parsley.  Things used as seasoning are our nemesis.

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