Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Small Town Fun

Tomorrow starts the big Fourth of July blowout here in Nowhere, Wisconsin. The tents are set up, the vendors are unloading their goods, and the rides are slowly getting set up.

Folks in nearby towns will come to our town for the one and only time all year. The parade will be hilariously short and earnest.  There will be a "waterski expo" on the tiny lake and someone will inevitably end up falling down in the disgusting water.  Music will blare across the town for the next three nights and drive me a little bit crazy as I'm trying to get work done. And I would be remiss if I didn't mention the car show in which class American vehicles will be honored (last year someone tried to enter a "historic" European car and there was OUTRAGE that such a thing would be allowed on the occasion of this country's independence from our colonial oppressors).
Not the car show, I guess.
I'll probably steer clear of the downtown area tomorrow on the official start day, but on Friday we'll stroll down to the fair after dinner, get a funnel cake and some lemonade, and enjoy hanging out with all the people.
And then we'll walk home and enjoy the fireworks from the comfort of our home because we don't actually enjoy the people all that much, of course.

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