Friday, April 06, 2018

Podcast Roundup Week #14

This week I listened to 37 episodes. It's been bitter cold here, so I'm not going for a lot of long, meandering walks. I'm literally just trying to figure out how get my steps without being more than 100 yards away from the warmth of our house.

The hands-down funniest thing every was listened to Al Letson admit to a hilarious crush on a unlikely celebrity in the episode of Errthang called "808s and Three Heartbreaks."  There is a lot of unncessary nonsense and music in this podcast, but if you skip ahead to the actual stories, it just illustrates just how good a storyteller Letson is (you may know him from his much more serious show Reveal.)
Also, is anyone listening to season five of the Atlanta Journal Constitution's show Breakdown?  This entitled old white guy shoots his wife while they are riding in a car with a friend and then tries to blame it on Black Lives Matter. I just want you to picture me shaking my head every time this jackhole speaks. Bill Rankin, the host, is the AJC's legal affairs writer and he is folksy and charming, but also mostly knows his stuff. (There was a moment when he was talking about other people mispronouncing voir dire in season two in which he himself mispronounced it that basically cemented my adoration for him.)  It's good stuff.

That's pretty much all I'd recommend at this point. Hopefully next week is better.

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