Monday, July 10, 2017

2017 Yearly Goals, Quarter 2

Here's the update on the second quarter goals. Here's quarter one.

Area One: Fitness Goals
1) Workout four times a week - I met this goal in 11 out of the 13 weeks.  In weeks 25 and 26, things were bad with my mother-in-law and I just didn't get it done those weeks.  I worked out only once in week 25 and three times in week 26. I did work out five times in weeks 15 and 22, so my average was 3.85 times a week. Solid B work there.

2) 11,500 steps a day - I missed my step count on three days throughout the quarter. Considering the amount of traveling and other drama that took place during this quarter, I count this 96.7% as exceptional.  My average step count during this period was 12,876. Solid A work.

 3) Weigh myself weekly - Ha ha ha. I did this 5 out of 13 weeks. We don't even have our TV plugged in right now (I weigh myself on our Wii Fit), so this is going poorly and is going poorly in Q3, to.  Oh, well. Something for improvement in Q4, I guess.

This area definitely didn't go as well as it did in the first quarter, but I'm going to cut myself some slack because of all the other stuff going down.

Area Two: Communication Goals
1) Update my blog twice a week - I updated 18 times in the second quarter, which is an average of 1.4 times a week. This is actually worse than in Q1, which is shameful. I have an entire series planned about the house buying process about things I wish I had known that most online searches actually didn't talk about and I really want to write that before I forget, but I haven't had a ton of time to do that just yet.

2) Make contact with four people (MDTT) at least once a week - You guys! I missed one person one week!  I am super happy with this 98% success rate. 

3) See my mom four times in the year -  We actually canceled a vacation with my family because of my mother-in-law, so I didn't see her this quarter. I have a small amount of faith that we will somehow make up this vacation because Dr. BB feels realllly guilty about all the time we've spent with his family, so we'll see if I can pull this off for the entire 2017 calendar year.

4) Send a letter or postcard to my grandmother and two of my elderly aunts at least once a month - In April, they each got Easter cards, in May they got Mother's Day cards, and in June I wrote each of them a breezy letter about house buying. 

5) Post a photo to Instagram at least once a day - I missed two days in the quarter. Not bad.
Some Q2 Instagram hits.

Area Three: The Rest of My Life
1) Vacuum twice a week -  Since we've moved to a place with very little carpeting (just on the stairs), I think I'll switch this to sweep twice a week, but in Q2 I didn't vacuum at all for two weeks (we were moving), I vacuumed just once for two weeks, and met the goal the rest of the time. Considering the level of confusion and chaos in our living situation during this time frame, I'm satisfied with this outcome.

2) Brush Zelda's teeth when I feed her at night - I missed this six times when we were home and her toothpaste was packed for three nights. This puts me at a 90% completion rate. Again, I'll take it.

3) Get my sewing machine out at least once a month - In April, I sewed up our duvet cover. Again. That thing is mostly just spit and my half-assed attempts at reinforcing its seams at this point.  And that was the last time I used it. In my defense, my sewing supplies were packed early and they still haven't been unpacked, so it was unlikely this would get done.  I'll do better someday.  Maybe when we sleep in our own bed more than three nights in any given week.

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