Monday, April 03, 2017

2017 Yearly Goals, Quarter 1

The following is an honest update on my 2017 goals. Most are going well and some are not. Let's recap.

Area One: Fitness Goals
1) Workout four times a week - I did this 100% of the time. Once I even worked out five times in one week. Good job me. Maybe someday working out will just be a habit and I won't have to track it, but I like that I have tangible proof in the manner of a checkmark on my spreadsheet. 

 2) Walk 11,500 steps a day - I missed this only two days of the quarter, so I'm going to call it a success. One day I was pretty close (I made it to over 10,000), but one of those days I was not close at all.  My average step count for the first quarter was almost 13,000 steps a day, so this is a solid good job.

3) Weigh myself weekly - I'm not so great at this. I missed 4 out of the 12 weeks, so 67% success rate. On the bright side, my weight has stayed within a 3 pound range the whole time, so I'm not super worried. I will try to to do better on this goal next quarter.

Overall, I'd say the fitness goals are going great. This is definitely the highlight of the goal areas.

Area Two: Communication Goals
1) Update my blog twice a week - Ha ha ha ha ha!  I started so well.  I've posted 20 times since the start of the year, which is an average of 1.67 posts a week. I will keep working on this, but I must admit that updating my blog is less of a priority for me than I like to admit to myself.  It needs to get prioritized higher.

 2) Make contact with four people (MDTT) at least once a week - This one really does need to be a priority. One of these people has a 100% weekly correspondence with me, I missed two weeks with one of them, and I missed three weeks with two of them. This is an 83.3% success rate, which is an okay start, but I'd really like it to be 100%.

 3) See my mom four times in the year -  I saw her in January, so my one time a quarter was met.

 4) Send a letter or postcard to my grandmother and two of my elderly aunts at least once a month - I met this goal with 100% success. I sent them some photos from the visit with my mom and sister in January and sent them Valentine's Day cards in February and St. Patrick's Day cards in March.

5) Post a photo to Instagram at least once a day - 100%.
Some popular first quarter photos.
These communication goals are going okay, but I definitely can do better, particularly with the first two goals.

Area Three: The Rest of My Life
1) Vacuum twice a week -  Ahem. I vacuumed 15 times. That's 1.25 times a week. That is not okay. I think I'm going to do a Monday/Friday schedule and that will force me to do it. It's getting warmer now and Zelda's going to start shedding like crazy, so I definitely need to do better and stay on top of the fur.

2) Brush Zelda's teeth when I feed her at night - I skipped 13 nights when I fed her which works out to 83.5% success rate. This is definitely better than the once a month I had going before, but I fear it might be too little too late. Her teeth have quite a bit of tartar on them and I'm a bit nervous every time we go to the vet to hear that we're going to have to have them cleaned or worse.  I'll keep at it, though. She likes the toothpaste a lot.

3) Get my sewing machine out at least once a month -100%. I did a couple of presents, worked on a dress, hemmed some pants, and reinforced some seams on our duvet. 

I guess I have some work to do, but overall it's not too bad and I have a good system for tracking everything. Let's call quarter one a win and move on to an even bigger win in quarter two.

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  1. I can't tell you how much I love the goal analytics. Also, 1.25 vacuumings per week seems pretty stellar, if you ask me (I haaaaaate vacuuming).


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