Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Passing Time

I have a half hour left in my office hours. These are my last office hours for the semester. One student showed up today; he also came yesterday. He'll get an A in the class.  This afternoon I have my first final and then I have another final on Wednesday and another on Thursday. Final grades are due Friday by 11:59pm. Sometime in between now and Saturday I need to wrap BB's presents and supervise him wrapping presents for his family.  Saturday morning I'll get up and work out and then we'll drive to Iowa. I stop thinking about what happens after that point.  I can't imagine what will happen next and I'm not sure I want to.

I ordered an ornament for my mother-in-law. I ordered it on November 20, thinking that would be plenty of time to get it before Christmas. When it arrived last Thursday, there were missing birthstones. I immediately messaged the seller and she was going to make me a new one and mail it to me, but I just keep thinking that it won't get here on time and then what do I do? Send it to her late? I think it will probably be out of date next year (Dr. BB's siblings just KEEP PROCREATING) and, frankly, next year is a long way from now when you've got stage four renal cancer, so the idea of holding on to it for next year seems dodgy at best. Oh, well. I'll keep my fingers crossed that the new ornament arrives before Saturday morning.

After office hours, I'm going to walk to the public library, I'll go to Walgreen's for some last minute holiday cards that need to go in the mail ASAP, and that's it. I'll wander around town attempting to get most of my steps for the day, and then I'll come back to my office to eat lunch. After lunch, I'll administer that exam. Then we have to book it home so that Dr. BB can drive to Milwaukee for his guitar lessons. I'll work out and maybe tonight's the night I should wrap his presents since he won't be home. 

I don't know what I'm going to do while my students are taking their exams today. Maybe I'll bring one of those library books with me.

I've been thinking about my goals for next year. I think I'll continue on the fitness goals and put something about weight loss on there this year (OMG! my doctor talked to me about the ten pounds AGAIN this year) and maybe something about maintaining a weight range. I also think I'm going to set some reading goals, not numbers, because I think that would drive me batty, but more about what types of books I read (maybe less young adult and more adult non-fiction?). I'll consider.  I'm going to also set some communication goals because damn it, that's important to me. What else? I think we're going to buy a house in 2017. Should there be goals associated with that? 

 I have a Spotify playlist full of songs I love and right now it's playing "True Colors" by Cyndi Lauper. If I was at home, I'd dance around and sing at the top of my lungs, but I'm a professional, so instead I'm listening to the song on my headphones and dancing in my heart. 

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