Friday, December 16, 2016

Actual Gifts I Purchased

For our eleven-month old nephew:
Baby's First Christmas Ornament from ConvertibleGirlShop ($9.50) - The shop is closed until after the holidays, but keep it mind for next year. It's adorable. Seriously adorable.
He also got a VTech Drop and Go Drump Truck ($10.99) and two books, Is Your Mama a Llama? and Close Your Eyes.

For our almost three-year old niece: I totally let Amy tell me what to do with my niece who both loves to dress up and "help" in the kitchen. She's getting a Melissa and Doug Chef Costume ($21.92) and the book Pretend Soup. Honestly, of all the gifts I've purchased, this is the one I'm most looking forward to see the receiver open.

My sister-in-law: It's almost embarrassing how little I know about the woman who is married to my husband's oldest brother. I know she watches a lot of television and is obsessed with her children. So we don't have much in common is what I'm saying. I think I've gotten her in the Christmas draw like six of the eight times I've participated it in, though. I got her a four-sided birthstone bar necklace with her kids' names on it. It's a perfectly acceptable, although kind of boring, gift.

I also ordered one of these for my mom. I also got my mom one of those bottle-cap ornaments that I bought for my nephew with her dog's photo on it. It's kind of adorable.
My husband: His big gift is a wool jacket liner from Filson ($225) It's a liner for a jacket he already owns. This liner will make the jacket a bit more flexible on cold, rainy days.
He's also getting a book or two, but that's because we're nerds.

Literally everyone else on my list is getting a gift card. Gift cards are useful, yo. I have run out of time and energy to deal with the holiday season and coming up with creative gift ideas for people.

Also, while I normally love holiday cards, I'm pretty much over it this year. You should have seen me frantically attempting to find not crappy holiday cards at Walgreen's earlier this week. I'll get them out by Monday, but seriously, I'm tired and FINALS WEEK IS NEXT WEEK. I know Christmas is in ten days, but I'm a bit in denial about the whole thing.


  1. I take it BB's surprise is ruined?

  2. Eh. He doesn't read this, so I think it's safe to say what he's getting!


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