Monday, August 29, 2016

One True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid (Minor Spoils for a 15 Year Old Film)

One True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid was a guilty pleasure book I ordered from the library because I heard so much buzz about it and it sounded exactly like something I could sit on the couch and read for a couple of hours and forget about the world. And I was right.
Look, I knew how this was going to end by the end of the first chapter and the plot isn't at all new but oh the journey. It was exactly what you want from a late-summer read.  I don't think, had I been in the heroine's shoes (and I NEVER WANT TO BE), I would have taken the same actions she did.  But at the same time, does anyone know how they will react to grief or to any situation really? 

So it's not that this is the best fiction in the world (it's not), but it's worth three hours on the couch snuggled under the blanket with a kitty on your lap. Or, if you're not kitty adjacent, at least a bit of mindlessness that will forever get you thinking about the saddest scene if all of cinema*.

*The scene in Cast Away when Tom Hanks and Helen Hunt realize they can't be together because she has a new family and a new life and he is ALL ALONE and OH MY GOD I sobbed as much at that scene as I did at the end The Notebook and the next time my husband is gone all day I'm going to watch these movies.

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