Thursday, July 09, 2015

CSA: Week 5

This week's vegetable basket includes:
Summer squash
Lettuce (2)
Green kale
Garlic scapes
This is even  more dire than last week's basket, but we'll do our best.
  • Squash: I think I'm going to try a variant of cornbread zucchini. I'm not sure if it will work in a gluten free recipe, but I'm going to make an attempt.  The worst thing that can happen is that it won't be that good!
  • Lettuce: We're going to have tacos and burgers for dinners, which will help a bit. Otherwise, this is all on Dr. BB because I still don't like lettuce!
  • Radishes: I will eat them, don't you worry. The bulbs will be snacks and the greens will be used as a lunch side over leftover polenta.
  • Sage: I have no real idea on this one. Maybe use some of it to marinate some of the zucchini before roasting it?
  • Scapes: Well, we still have scapes from last week!  I think we'll include some of them in a polenta lasagna we're doing tonight for dinner, but otherwise I'm sure I'll tell you about how we still have them for next week. 
We did okay with last week's basket. We still have some of the scapes, all of the onions, and we haven't yet grilled the summer squash, but the scapes and onions will keep for a bit and the squash will probably keep until the end of the summer if absolutely necessary.

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