Thursday, June 25, 2015

CSA: Week Three

Week three is very exciting. We've moved past the stage where we only get greens!
Red Russian kale
Parsley (curly)
Kohlrabi (and greens)
Garlic scapes
Conehead cabbage
The plan so far is pretty tentative, but here's what I think is going to happen:
  • Most of it's going to be used in a coleslaw that I'll eat for lunch. I've written about this slaw that I make before, but I'll take the cabbage, kohlrabi bulb, some of the turnips from last week, a radish or two, a carrot, and some of the scallions and garlic scapes and mix it all with a dressing with olive oil, lemon, and maple syrup.  It keeps in the fridge for several days and is delicious.
  • I'll eat the peas like candy.
  • The lettuce is Dr. BB's thing. I don't like lettuce. 
  • We'll make the kale as a side with dinner (probably sauteed).
  • The parsley is problematic, as are most of the herbs we end up getting in our baskets.
Update on last week: The boy did well without me for most of the week. I didn't actually finish those salad turnips, so they'll go in the coleslaw this week. He didn't do well with the bok choy (apparently grilling it didn't work out well), so we'll keep working on what to do with it. He had too many pea shoots and had to throw a few of them away and he didn't use any of the scallions at all, but overall it was pretty successful.

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