Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Best Of

Sweet Summer Scent - Isn't it crazy how a smell can take you back? (August 2008)

I Need to Stop Watching TMZ - Chris Brown beats Rihanna and I beat down celebs who weigh in to support him. (February 2009)

A Long Time Coming - I sometimes think of friendship as a job, but sometimes it's a job that's harder than any other. (March 2009)

An Inconvenient Truth - If you found someone crying in a public restroom, would you try to help them? (January 2010)

School Tales - Helplessness is just a part of being a teacher sometimes. I haven't always dealt with it in a way that I am proud of, but sometimes I do. (February 2010)

Coup d'kitten - Click on that if you wan to see the most adorable photo of teenage Zelda. (October 2011)

Old Farm Dog - Still a handsome guy. The best from a project I did where I wrote a post every single day for a year. (January 2015)

In Case You're Hiring - A resume for a naughty cat. (August 2016)

Buying Our House Parts I, II, III, IV, and V - I might have liked something like this when I was buying a house for the first time.  (July - August 2017) 

Our Ornaments Through the Years - Every year I buy a custom ornament. Here they are! (December 2022) 

Training Revitalized - I write a lot about training my dog. A lot. (January 2024)

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