Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Best Of

School Tales - Helplessness is just a part of being a teacher sometimes. I haven't always dealt with it in a way that I am proud of, but sometimes I do.

An Inconvenient Truth - If you found someone crying in a public restroom, would you try to help them?

A Long Time Coming - I sometimes think of friendship as a job, but sometimes it's a job that's harder than any other.

I Need to Stop Watching TMZ
- Chris Brown beats Rihanna and I beat down celebs who weigh in to support him.

Sweet Summer Scent - Isn't it crazy how a smell can take you back?

The Summer of Heat, Humidity, and Horribleness - Go on a summer bike ride with me and question why I do this all the time...

Tales from the Bus
- Sometimes I am reminded of how nice people can be.

OJ, Kobe, Kirby - Words are powerful. So are names. So why aren't we more careful with them?

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