Monday, January 25, 2016

New Favorite Hard Candy: See's Cinnamon Lollypops

I see that I've written about my love for hard candy here before. It's very satisfying and much lower in calories than most other candy type things that I love (including my beloved candy cane Kisses. My  newest love is See's Cinnamon Lollypops. These things are addictive as hell. They taste like those cinnamon imperials my mom used to get for us to be decorate sugar cookies.

I've been eating one after dinner now for dessert for the last week or two and it's the perfect little 70-calorie sweet to end my day
Unfortunately, these things are not a year round treat. Much like my beloved candy cane Kisses, they are a holiday treat only. They'll disappear after Valentine's Day, so make sure you go get one right now.
On the website, it's $8.40 for 12 lollypops. I just ordered two boxes. I'll have to portion them out carefully, I guess.

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