Monday, December 10, 2012

Countdown to Christmas, Part II

December 5 - I went to the post office and bought stamps for our holiday cards.  I had to make the decisions between "religious or nonreligious" and "Santa or baubles" while other people were waiting in line behind me. I went with baubles.

December 6 - I went to Walgreen's to buy more of the somewhat addictive Hershey's Candy Cane Kisses because the eight ounce bag my mother-in-law sneakily put in my bag at Thanksgiving (after I had already finished most of a bag there and had raved about how delicious they were) had mysteriously been emptied. You can take your fudge, Christmas cookies, and other assorted sweets and candies - I want these!!!

December 7 - I went to the ceramics sale at the local college. I didn't purchase anything, but I did get a kick out of college fashion.

December 8 - We went to the mall on a Saturday in December. We needed to buy presents for a holiday get together we will be attending next weekend and it requires us to bring "absurd, but not obscene gifts under $10" for a gift exchange. Here's what we ended settling on because we could take not one more moment in the store.

My offering will be a DOWN coffee cozy I purchased at Eddie Bauer for the low, low price or $4.50.  Seriously, coffee cozies are kind of a silly idea in the first place, but I think the fact that it's made of down pushes it into the absurd category.

My husband's offering will be this bath pouf with a Packer's theme he purchased at Sears for the low, low price of $7.37. Do the Packers have a mascot? Is it this bear? What makes it absurd? Most of the Packers fans we know are men, so if a fan gets it, it will be a man and I don't know a lot of men using poufs. If it's a woman who gets it, will they be amused?  I don't know. I think my down cozy is more absurd, but whatever.

December 9 - Crazy day full of football in the background while Christmas memories were made.  I made approximately five dozen cookies and then gave them away to our neighbors who were very puzzled as to why I was knocking on their door during halftime of the Packers game.  We got all the Christmas stuff up from the storage unit, put up the fake tree, put lights on the fake tree, and then put lights on the balcony.

December 10 - I'm going to Hobby Lobby to buy more lights for the Christmas tree because our cat chewed through the cord last night. I think we're going to have to move the tree to a different location, too.  *sigh*


  1. A few weeks ago I had my first introduction to Hobby Lobby. I walked away with two pieces of pre-lit garland and a few other things. It was lovely!

    Are you partial to the regular kisses or have you tried the caramel ones? Last year I would hide in the bathroom and eat as many of the caramel ones I could before the kids started asking me where I was. I've only bought one bag so far and I don't plan on getting more any time soon!

  2. Those are pretty absurd, both of them I think but omg, down insulation for a cozy. Really?


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