Monday, June 18, 2018

2018 CSA Week #2

Last week went pretty much according to plan. We used everything except for some of the pea shoots and a few of the green garlic stems.  (Of course, I did not even attempt oregano, despite some helpful suggestions about it.)

I made a Caesar salad for lunch a couple of days (pea shoots, lettuce, Parmesean cheese, chicken, and dressing) and that used a lot of lettuce. The raspberry rhubarb crisp I made (using gluten-free flour) was a success at book club. I'll happily take rhubarb in our basket again!

This week brings us:
Green garlic
Kohlrabi (one, TINY little bulb)\

I think our plan is pretty similar to last week.
1) I'll saute the spinach (and the kale and turnip greens) with some balsamic, sprinkle some Parm on it, and call it part of lunch on a couple of days when I'm home for lunch.  I'll also use a bit of the green garlic here.
2) I'll eat the turnips and kohlrabi with lunch or as snacks when driving to and from.
3) We'll do a frittata with the kale and use some of the green garlic with it, as well.
4) I made one salad with the lettuce and we'll use some of it on tacos we're going to have this week, too. I'll use some of the green garlic in the taco meat, too.  If there's leftover lettuce, I guess I'll have another salad.
5) The lovage and basil are wild cards. I have repeatedly put in my feedback to our CSA farmers that I don't like it when we get herbs because we never use them, but here we - still getting herbs.  Oh, well, maybe inspiration will strike me or maybe I'll end up putting them in the compost with the oregano.

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