Monday, June 26, 2017

2017 CSA Week #3: New Pickup Location

We moved last Thursday, so in the middle of unpacking boxes and attempting to lure the cat out of the bathroom, I had to up and leave to go get the basket. Dr. BB was unamused at my multitasking*.

Anyway, this is what we get this week.

Kohlrabi (2 big bulbs)
Garlic scapes
I ate some of the lettuce with chicken and Parmesan cheese on Thursday night and called it a Caesar salad. It was actually fairly tasty.

I ate the radishes raw and the kohlrabi will also be eaten raw in my lunches. The scapes are delicious, but I have no idea what will do wit them just yet.  It's possible I'll make the basil and scapes into a pesto, but I'm still unpacking box after box after box, so maybe that won't happen. The scapes will keep for a couple of weeks.  The kale will be used in an egg dish. I'll hold onto the scallions and say I'm going to use them later, but I probably won't.  Honesty is the best policy in this CSA season.
The kohlrabi is delicious, though.

*I think I've written about it here before, but anyone who says they multitask well is lying to you. As soon as I left the unpacking situation,I forgot what I was doing. I also failed to actually put away the vegetables well because I was thinking about the unpacking. So. I remembered to pick up our share, but other than that, this might be considered a failure of adulting.

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