Thursday, January 26, 2017

House Rules

We recently had folks over for dinner and we were sort of poking fun at people who have intense rules about visiting - shoes on or off, where to park, where to put stuff, blah, blah, blah - when someone asked me what our house rules were.

I offhandedly joked "don't kick the cat," but we all sort of acknowledged that we wouldn't invite people to our home who would kick the cat. If you're coming over to our place, you are probably a good person.  So I thought and thought and this is what I came up with.
It's never going to stop raining here.
1) Don't bring anything into the kitchen or cook in our kitchen. We have worked really hard to keep it gluten free and I don't relish the idea of someone coming in and accidentally contaminating it. If you want to bring things with gluten in them (this happens a lot at dinner parties), you may put it on the table or our bar, but not in the kitchen.  If something needs to be heated or cooked, one of us will do it.  Don't mess with our kitchen. 

I do think this makes me one of THOSE PEOPLE, but it's a question of health, so I'm willing to accept this as a name.

2) Don't let the cat in the bedroom. She's not allowed in there. Period. I don't care if you think I'm mean or abusive for not allowing her free roam in our small apartment. It's another question of health (in this case, mine - I'm allergic to cats and her dander in the bedroom would cause me to lose a lot of sleep). 

And that's it. I honestly can't think of another "house rule" that wouldn't differ from the vast majority of other people's house rules.  What are the rules if I come visit you?

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