Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Vote Vote Vote

 There's a sign over Main Street, sponsored by the League of Women Voters, that reads "VOTE VOTE VOTE." This banner is out for every election here - primary, general, and random judicial elections. As soon as it appears, we make unfunny jokes about voting three times and voter fraud and federalism. That is how nerds do it.
I went for a long walk yesterday. As I wandered our neighborhood, I saw no Clinton signs, no Trump signs, only signs for our local Assembly member (you might call it city council or something similar) and signs in support of the school referendum. I think that's fine. Local and state laws definitely impact my day to day life more than federal laws. But I worry. I worry. Get there and vote, rationality be damned.

Unless you're a Wisconsin voter who wants to re-elect Ron Johnson. If that's you, stay the fuck home.

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