Friday, October 28, 2016

2016 CSA Week 20: The Last Box!

After last week's giant box, we're finishing up the season with something a bit more reasonable.
Sweet potatoes
Beauty Heart radish
  •  Those Beauty Heart radishes have some heat! I have been eating them raw with my lunches, but I just don't know if I can keep doing that. I think I'll keep them and add them to a slaw where they will be cooled down slightly by the sauce.
  • The parsley actually stays for a couple of weeks in a plastic bag, so we'll gradually use it to season some meals.
  • I feel like shrugging with the rest of the basket. The lettuce will get used in Dr. BB's sandwiches, but other than that, most of this basket is storage vegetables and there's no real rush to eat them.
Speaking of storage vegetables, this is what we have right now. It's eight onions, six sweet potatoes, one honey nut squash, and the equivalent of six cloves of garlic. We still have all these onions and garlic bulbs despite me having given away a giant brown bag full of them to my sister and brother-in-law two weeks ago. Welcome to Winter Storage Vegetableland, veggies!

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