Friday, October 07, 2016

2016 CSA Week 17: Lots of Stuff I Don't Know How To Use

This week begins the downward spiral into my ability to DEAL WITH GARLIC BULBS FALLING ON MY HEAD whenever I open up the cabinet. I'm going to visit friends next weekend and I'm going to bring them all the onions and garlic they can handle.

Butternut squash
Small sweet potatoes (not quite fingerlings; not quite bakers...hmmm)
Baby ginger
Lemon drop pepper
Daikon radish
Beets with greens
  •  The radish I'll eat raw, bit by bit. Look how big that thing is!
  • The squash will be roasted and eaten.
  • The onions and garlic will be given away THANK YOUR DEITY.
  • I'll probably roast those potatoes with some carrots and eat them for sides or for lunch. That requires me to be home at lunchtime, which is not very usual.
  • We used the beet greens in a polenta lasagna for dinner last night.
  • And...I don't know. What do you do with beets (gag), ginger (double gag), or lemon drop peppers (email from the farmers suggests "curry")?
  • We threw out the lettuce since it didn't meet my quality standards (ha! - if I don't think I want to eat it, Dr. BB surely won't) and the cilantro was "donated" to another box since it tastes like soap.
And now we definitely have to make it to the market sometime soon to get actual vegetables I will eat!

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