Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Road Trip Music

I have downloaded about seventy podcasts*, my mom gave me the entire five book A Song of Ice and Fire series on unabridged audiobooks, but I thought I probably should include some music just in case I somehow get stuck on I-94 between two semis and really need to just scream along.  Here's what I've got.

Cop Car by Keith Urban - I think an awful lot of Urban's songs are boring, repetitive, and way overhyped, but I love You'll Think of Me and when I heard this song, I couldn't stop laughing, so there you have it.

Come Back Song by Darius Rucker - My nephew loves Darius Rucker and I love my nephew, so by extension, I have a burning desire to know all the Rucker songs that exist.

Barrett's Privateers by Stan Rogers - I (this is not meant in any sarcastic way) enjoy a good sea shanty. I love Great Big Sea and Pandora actually introduced me to this song and I love it.

Stand By Your Man by Tammy Wynette - Does this even need an explanation?  It's Tammy Wynette!!

Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground by Willie Nelson - Despite the fact that I'm repulsed by Nelson on a political and personal level, I do love this song. Dr. BB and I regularly discuss whether or not we should take into account the artists themselves when consuming art and I'm not sure where I stand on that topic overall, but I do listen to Willie Nelson despite his flaws.

The Irish Volunteers by Mick Moloney - Another Pandora find from several months ago.

I Got the Boy by Jana Kramer - Dr. BB really, really dislikes Kramer, but I like her. Sure, she can't really sing, but neither can Shania Twain and I love Shania Twain songs like nobody's business, too.

It's a Great Day to Be Alive by Travis Tritt - This song always takes me back to a couple of road trips I took the summer after I graduate from college. It's just a class road trip song for me.

Fiddler's Green by Marley's Ghost - Impressive harmonies on this song. Well, impressive to me, anyway.

Just a Dream by Carrie Underwood - This is a sad song and I have no idea how it ended up on this list. Damn it all.  I do, sort of apologetically, love Carrie Underwood. I have no real excuse for this.

Parking Lot Party by Lee Brice - Now this is a summer road trip song.

American Kids by Kenny Chesney - Yes, I hate myself that I have added Chesney to the dictionary on my computer. Yes, I hate that there are Chesney songs I enjoy, including this one.  Yes, he's a tool in that stupid hat and necklace, but I like this song.

When I Was Your Man by Thomas Rhett - I like this song, but I don't like Bruno Mars, so it was convenient that some country guy covered it. I like the "guy regrets being an idiot" genre of songs.

Bartender by Lady Antebellum - This song makes me want to get on the dance floor.  So it's a win for driving along with the windows down.  (Anybody else get Lady A and Little Big Town confused?  No?  Just me?)

Biscuits by Kasey Musgraves - If you don't like this song, you have no soul.

Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song by B.J. Thomas - This came up when I was putting together a Spotify list and I can't get it out of my head. I'm hoping if I listen to it eight zillion times that will fix the problem. Warning: ear worm.

You're The Reason God Made Oklahoma by Lefty Frizzell and Shelley West - I can't find a video, but damn this song is awesome. I must scream-sing the lyric about the cat and the two room flat everyday (and this rung a bell with me, so I must confess I've already admitted to that exact musical weakness on this blog).

*A complete rundown on podcast I'm listening to these days is to come!

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