Friday, June 19, 2015

CSA: Week Two

Week two of the CSA looked an awful lot like the first week, full of greens:
Bok choy
Rainbow chard
Kohlrabi bulb (and greens)
Pea shoots
Green garlic
Salad turnips
Turnip greens

Since the last five items on the list are exactly the same as last week and the kale has been replaced by the chard, I think our game plan for using the box should be about the same as it was last week.
And I suppose that would be true if I weren't leaving to go out of town Saturday morning. So I will eat the kohlrabi before I leave and take the turnips with me to snack on the plane, and using the greens will mostly be up to Dr. BB. 
  • Kohlrabi bulb: slice and eat raw with lunch today.
  • Turnips: slice and eat raw for lunch tomorrow.
  • Spinach or turnip/kohlrabi greens: saute with scallions, add feta and black olives, serve with dinner today and tomorrow
  • Rainbow chard: I'll be home next Thursday night and we'll make a frittata with it for dinner (and probably have leftovers for lunch on Friday)
  • Pea shoots: Just like last week, Dr. BB will put them on sandwiches. Unlike last week, there are too many for just that, so we're going to have to figure out some additional purpose.
  • The bok choy and green garlic are problematic. We've yet to make a successful bok choy recipe. I'm going to leave those up to Dr. BB to figure out.
I love kohlrabi so much.
Update on last week: We didn't do anything with the oregano. I think Dr. BB wanted to dry it (To what end? I have no idea. We've had the same jar of oregano for the seven years of our marriage.), but so far that hasn't happened.  The broccoli raab recipe was a disaster and tasted like lemony blandness.  The kale in the polenta lasagna recipe was a winner. 

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