Friday, July 14, 2017

CSA Week #6: Serious Summer Goodies

Okay, we're slowly digging out our vegetable overstock.  This week has some delicious entries.

Cucumbers (3, including some 2 white ones)
Garlic scapes
Summer squash (2)
Lettuce (2 heads)
Green beans
Snap peas
I think we can actually do this. The beans, cukes, and peas will just get eaten by me in my lunches or as snacks. Those are remarkably easy.

I think I might convince Dr. BB to grill chicken breasts for dinner a couple of nights and he'll put BBQ sauce on them, but I'll have make salad with some of that lettuce.  Dr. BB has been grilling zucchini with his lunches, so he's on that. I might make some zucchini bread next week if Dr. BB is getting zucchini-ed out. 

We threw the cilantro away because it tastes like soap.

I'll use the scapes eventually. They are a nice substitute for garlic - a bit milder, but we actually prefer them over the bulbs.

We're winning the CSA game this week!

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  1. I had no idea cucumbers came in white! That's pretty cool. And I am so sorry that you are a person for whom cilantro tastes like soap. A) It is delicious if you don't have whatever genetic trait makes it taste like soap and B) it is in a LOT of things, so that must be really annoying.


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