Friday, June 16, 2017

2017 CSA Week 2: Greening It Up

This week brings us more delicious early spring greens.

Rainbow chard
Pea shoots

So let's be honest, shall we?  Last week we did poorly.  The oregano and kale from last week are literally still in the bags unchanged from when I bagged them.  We did eat all the lettuce and spinach. I used ONE green garlic stem. I just threw out the pea shoots from last week because we got an entire new bunch this week and I think Dr. BB used like five pieces on a sandwich. Maybe. 

And let me continue to be honest. We're going to be out of town this weekend and then we'll be moving on Tuesday and Wednesday next week and honestly, I don't see things getting better this week.  I'm trying to cut myself a break here because our lives are just so damn chaotic right now, but I feel quite guilty that this beautiful produce is being wasted.

I will saute the spinach with some of the green garlic from last week and a scallion or two for lunch one day when we are home and have access to our frying pan. I'll chop that ginormous cuke up and eat it as a snack maybe as we're driving. I'll eat those radishes for lunch.  Now we have chard AND kale that will probably be used in egg dishes, but honestly one or the other is going to get tossed unless we can pawn it off on someone. Dr. BB will eat the pea shoots on sandwiches (which, as we saw last week, is not actually a guarantee of action).

Sage? Who the hell knows? Outside of eating it with squash soups, which is an autumnal meal, I have no ideas for sage.

So. Week two and I'm already behind on the CSA. Woot.

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