Wednesday, February 08, 2017

February 2017 Five by Five

1) Weather talk: Yesterday it was 38 degrees. When it's 38 degrees in October, I think I'm going to die and I wear ten layers and cry about how cold it is. When it's 38 degrees in February, I forgo a coat and wear just a sweater and talk about what a nice day it is.
2) Zelda the Cat News: Zelda this winter is super needy. She cries at us when we're eating and we have to walk with her to the rug where she will flop down and demand pets. If you're sitting down anywhere in our apartment, be prepared for twelve pounds of fur and sharp claws to jump on your lap. I can't tell if she's cold and trying to get warm, if she's turned a corner and become a cuddly cat, or if she's lonely because we were around all the time during winter break and now we're working a lot and she misses us. Each of these theories seems implausible (fur coat, changes in personality seem strange, and we're still home an awful lot), but there you have it.
3) Blog News: Somehow my blog is disintegrating. The pics on the sidebar went away and I ignored it. Then the header went away. Now I need to figure out how to deal with it. *sigh*  I don't exactly know how the back end of this blog works, but I guess I should figure it out.

4) Valentine's Day Query: Dr. BB and I don't really DO Valentine's Day. I mean, we make each other handmade cards while sitting next to each other, but there's no chocolate, flowers, or balloons. We never really have made a big deal of this holiday (we are big into birthday, Christmas, and our anniversary).  Is this normal? Is this a thing that means our marriage is doomed or do other old married couples ignore this holiday, too?

5) Medical News of No Import: My sister had a medical event last fall. This resulted in me having to get some blood tests done (18 VIALS) to rule out some genetic things (hand waving over the details I don't really understand) and the results showed nothing. So that was not helpful to my sister in attempting to figure out her health issues at all. So that happened. 
That "large adult" cuff makes me laugh EVERY SINGLE TIME, Wisconsin, you know?


  1. Your blog background is sporting many photos of a cute tabby kitten, so I'm cool with that.

    I can speak to the Valentine's thing. My husband and I have been married... eight plus years and we have never done the Valentine's thing. Sometimes we will go out to dinner a few nights AFTER Valentine's Day, but since we had the kiddo, we've even stopped that. So hopefully that means that it's normal, rather than that we are BOTH doomed.

    I think the handmade cards thing is ridiculously romantic, by the way. Very sweet.

  2. I agree with above. Valentine's never seemed like anything but a Commercially Exploitable Moment to either of us, and I think you get bonus points for handmaking cards for each other.


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