Wednesday, November 09, 2016

When Consolation Doesn't Work

I used to date a guy who firmly believed people were stupid and he sort of lived his life assuming people would screw up. This actually made him a fairly easygoing guy because he just rolled with things and would be pleasantly surprised when people around him would be competent.

I am now married to a guy who is one of the biggest elitists I have ever met, a defender of aristocracy, and one who sets his bar of "success" low so that he is pleasantly surprised when things go well.

In these relationships, I have consistently been the optimist - have more faith in people! they mean well! people aren't that dumb! 

Today I want to take the optimistic, giddy NGS of 4:00 yesterday when I voted and tell her to calm the fuck down.

Your faith in those people has failed you.

For the NGS of today: Wipe away those tears and buck the fuck up. Protect the people who need to be protected.  Use your voice and use it loudly. Change this place. 

But never again, people. I'm not trusting you again.

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