Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving

Things I Am Grateful For Today
1) Obama is still president.
2) I am not getting shot at with water cannons for protecting sacred grounds.
3) There will be endless wine at the dinner table.
4) Tomorrow there will be more Gilmore Girls unleashed on the world.
5) This is (potentially) a nightmare that I will soon wake out of. 

6) My husband and his thoughtfulness and care.
7) My nieces and nephews and their innocence and joy.
8) My friends who send supportive buck up texts when needed.
9) My new Redwing boots are finally broken in and I can wear them longer than twenty minutes, so I can wear them to a wedding on Saturday.
10) The time I have, however limited, with the people who have made my husband the man he is.

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