Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Weekend Two In Minneapolis

Weekend one here.

Friday night was not an ideal time to fly from Milwaukee to Minneapolis. It was raining in Milwaukee when we left and that led to a half-hour delay while we sat in the plane and it was raining in Minneapolis which led to endless circling around the Twin Cities.
By the time we landed, I was tired and hungry and instead of doing something, I just checked into my hotel and meandered around Stadium Village to find something to eat.
After some food, I felt much better and went for a walk around campus. I just can't give over how different it is than when I attended. Areas that used to be sort of shady are now condo-filled, there are light rail stations everywhere, and it's just so clean. It's weird.
I walked across the Washington Avenue bridge and was reminded of the many, many times I crossed that bridge, going to classes that I had no business attending, attempting to fit in workouts at the gym, and cycling to my part-time job, a job I still have, albeit in a new city and a new capacity.
It's not just the campus area that's changed, though. The Metrodome is no more and has been replaced by a horrendous U. S. Bank Stadium. I don't really want to talk about this horrid building, but I did take to using the Government Plaza light rail station to make my connections, instead of the U. S. Bank Stadium (formerly Metrodome) stop.  

And I feel like those two weekends really did fill a need in my heart for some Minneapolis love.

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