Monday, August 08, 2016

Two Days, Three Nights in Minneapolis

Last weekend (July 29 - 31) we went to Minneapolis. I went for a work thing that had me in the office from 8am - 5pm during the day on Saturday and Sunday, but Dr. BB was there because his brother and sister-in-law were going to be there, too.  We made the most of our time there, despite my limited free time.
On the way there, Agnes' odometer reached 150,000 miles! I'm not super excited that our car has so many miles on it, but I'm pretty pleased with her overall reliability.  (Dr. BB was driving when I took this photo, so we weren't actually in danger.)
 We started our trip with a walk around Lake of the Isles. Dr. BB and I have a strong history with this lake and it was nostalgic and sweet and hot as hell, so we did one loop and called it good. We had dinner at Pizza Luce and went back to our hotel where I fell asleep in about half a minute.

I woke up early on Saturday morning and walked around campus a bit. It definitely has changed since I went to school there. Light rail has changed the landscape considerably.
But even nature loves maroon and gold!
Saturday night I met up with Dr. BB and the gang and we went to Target Field to watch the Twins lose a nailbiter to the White Sox.
I absolutely expensed $14 for that enormous helmet of nachos (training meals - travel - dinner).  Don't judge me.
 And then we took light rail back to the hotel where I fell asleep in half a minute.
On my lunch break on Sunday I ran over to Goldy's Locker Room and now I am the proud owner of more Minnesota gear than I have ever owned, including the time I went to school there. Mostly this is in reaction to the my Iowa Hawkeye loving in-laws who constantly razz me about my Gopher loyalty (but I have a DEGREE from this school, random in-law who roots for Iowa despite never having taken a single class there).  I plan to wear Gopher gear to every family gathering from here until Thanksgiving. 

And then we came home.

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