Friday, April 08, 2016

My Beverage Profile (and Podcast Recommendation)

Are you listening to the podcast Totally Beverages and Sometimes Hot Sauce? You should be. I listen to HOURS and HOURS of podcasts each week, what with my aim of 10,000 steps a day and endless hours in the car and this is one of my favorites. Two guys, RoRo and JoJo, sit around and talk about beverages. Sometimes they have guests, sometimes they do not. Sometimes they do blind taste tests to see which beverages are actually the best and sometimes they do flights of strange beverages.  I love it.  I love it all.

If you don't know where to start with their backlog of episodes, let me point you to the Grapefruit Sparkling Water episode. Just do it.

When the hosts have a guest, they walk their guest through their "beverage profile," in which they ask questions about every beverage that passes through the guest's lips from the time they wake up until they go to bed.  And the hosts are INTO it. They ask so many smart questions. Is the water filtered? Do you change the filter? Is the water cold?  How cold?  Is it in a cup? A glass?  What's on the coffee mug? And it's fascinating EVERY damn time.

There's been some recent discussion about whether or not asking someone about their beverage profile is a good first date question on the podcast and I would LOVE to ask every person I know about their profile, so if you're on a bad first date, this is something you should consider.  Everyone can talk about what they drink, right?

My beverage profile: First thing in the morning, I roll out of bed, stumble into the kitchen, and slam a glass of water straight from the Brita filter in our fridge #(1). We have a Brita model that keeps track of the number of times it has filtered, so we change the filter when the light blinks red.  Then my husband makes me a mug of tea so it's ready after I'm finished showering. The tea is Celestial Seasonings Honey Lemon Ginseng green tea (#2) with a teaspoon of honey.  I also have a small glass of Langers Cranberry Lite (#3) with breakfast.

Then I reuse my tea bag from breakfast to make a thermos (#4)  full of tea (16 ounce Klean Kanteen) that I take with me to school. During the morning, I drink that thermos of tea and fill the thermos up one or two more times with water. The key is that I don't rinse the tea from the thermos, so the water is very faintly sweetened tea tasting.

With lunch, I have more water. Occasionally I stop at the local cafe and get a coffee or iced coffee (straight up, occasionally with a shot of caramel flavoring).

I drink a glass of water after I work out in the afternoon. After that, I stop drinking plain water. I drink water flavored with Crystal Light post-workout. I like the Black Cherry Lime (#5) and Berry Sangria flavors, although sometimes I get Raspberry Lemonade or Iced Tea.  Sometimes I treat myself to a sparkling water and while I really like the Nice! Black Cherry sparkling water (available at Walgreen's), I was recently inspired to try the Grapefruit flavored Perrier (#6) because it was on sale at our grocery store.  I would not recommend it.

With dinner I have a Diet Cherry Coke (#7).  The first sip of my Cherry Coke with dinner is probably the best moment of my entire day.

And then I drink more Crystal Lite flavored water until bed.

Please tell me what you drink during a normal day. Inquiring minds want to know.


  1. You probably do not want to know my Beverage Profile. It literally consists of about 3 drinks. Each day. I have one large cup of coffee (milk and sugar) in the morning with breakfast (#1). Then I drink either a bottled smoothie (Odwalla's Mo' Beta is my favorite) or a bottled tea (Snapple Peach Tea) with lunch (#2). I might, occasionally, drink a medium soda (Sierra Mist) if I am eating at a fast food restaurant. At home with dinner I will either drink another bottle of Snapple or I will drink a glass of WHOLE milk, V8, or juice (some form of cranberry mix) (#3). That's it. Occasionally, I will treat myself to an iced coffee at some point in the day. So on some days I drink 4 beverages.

    There's no such thing as water.

    Lately I have been experimenting with a (very) small glass of wine with or after dinner (so #4 or #5). I have not found a wine I particularly care for yet, though. And sometimes if I am at a restaurant I do enjoy a beer (Corona with a lime, in the bottle) or a frozen drink (Strawberry Daquiri).

  2. Beverage Profile:

    One cup of strong black coffee.
    Small orange juice.
    12 oz beer (or the occasional 3 oz martini)


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