Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Five Personalized Ornaments

We have one box that holds all our Christmas things. One box. Well, the tree is another box, but any decorations, including lights and ornaments, that I want to own must fit inside the box.  So every year I spend too many hours to count trying to decide on the perfect ornament for us in a particular year. Here are some contenders for this year's ornament.

1. Snow Owls from Pee Wee's Clay House ($15 + $3.50 s&h) - I think these little guys are adorable and they probably would have been my first choice except I didn't get on the ordering of the ornaments until last weekend and the deadline for a Christmas shipment has already passed. 

2. Personalized Wire Ornaments ($16 + $6 s&h from Deihign Design) - I always kind of feel bad that Zelda is left off our ornament since she's a very important part of our family, so I think it would be nice to get a couple ornament and a cat ornament with matching wire colors. As a matter of fact, I'm almost 100% sure that this is what I'm going to be doing this year. So I'll technically get two ornaments, but it's a matching set!

3. Personalized Love Bird Ornament ($15.50 + $2.50 s&h from My Little Chick) - I am not a huge fan of hearts to represent love, so I love that this ornament with love birds doesn't have the birds chirping out hearts. It's simple, elegant, and beautiful. It may still be on my wish list next year!

4. 50 States Ornament ($13 + $3 s&h from Blocks, Etc.) - This is a perfect gift, especially for a recent college graduate who is working his or her first job and might be a tiny bit nostalgic for that time of life when you got a month off during the holidays!

5. Scrabble Tile Ornament ($9 + $4 s&h from My Bluebird Corner) - You know that the nerd in you really wants one of these hanging on your tree.  I didn't go with this because I'd have to get three of them (one for Dr. BB, me, and Zelda) and I'm already sort of breaking the rules with the three, so there you have it. When I decided to not change my last name when I got married, I knew that the shared last names gifts would be off the list!

6. Custom House Portrait Ornament ($48 + $6.50 s&h from Magic Markings Art) - Normally I wouldn't recommend an ornament that costs this much money. But if you have someone on your list who is particularly hard to shop for, but loves his or her house, this might be a good solution.  It's lovely, it's personal, and it will be meaningful for years to come!

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