Saturday, January 17, 2015

8.17 Bedtime - The Bear

Bestest Friend and I are in the middle of a blog project. Each day of the month we will post a picture on a pre-determined theme and write a little something about it. The theme for the seventeenth day of each month is "Bedtime."
I, like half of the world's population, resolved to lose weight at the beginning of the year.  Part of this resolution was to step up my workout regime - no more calling fifteen minutes of easy yoga "working out" - but seriously do three lifting workouts a week and cardio a couple times each week, too.  I also resumed counting everything I eat. Ten pretzels with my 100-calorie guacamole pack for lunch, along with any and all fruits and vegetables I want. One-quarter cup of roast beef and YES I do put it in a measuring cup. I really want a kitchen scale to avoid measurement errors like this, but I'm never going to buy one for myself and I think people who look at my Amazon wishlist feel like buying someone a kitchen scale as a gift is insulting, so here we are at an impasse.


Working out rigorously and regularly means that there is not a night that goes by when some part of my body is not sore. Right now, as I type this three minutes before I go to bed, it's my pectorals (did you know there were muscles under your boobs? I have proof) and my left shoulder which I somehow tweaked in yesterday's working DURING THE WARMUP.  I am a champion.

Enter this bear.
You put him in the microwave and he gets nice and toasty and you put him on your sore body part at bedtime and when you wake up in the morning, he is inevitably wedged uncomfortably between your neck and the pillow, but your formerly sore body part is no longer resistant to movement.

But don't worry - it all starts again the next day, so the bear will have another job.
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