Saturday, January 17, 2009

New Baby Gifts

Earlier this week, a cool person emailed me asking for a list of suggestions for baby shower gifts. Apparently my talk here of Baby Gap has made me an expert. This, combined with the fact that my good friend W just had a baby, led me to believe that maybe other people are interested in some ideas for cool baby shower gifts.

Understand, these are usually supplemental gifts to a really cute, somewhat impractical outfit I buy for babies (complete with gift receipts) from Baby Gap. I like to use Baby Gap because if the parent doesn't agree with me that all babies should be dressed in bibs and onesies, they can always return the items and buy themselves something at Gap.

First up. I love Herbst's Etsy shop. I buy lots of stuff there. Including these soft stacking blocks for babies. I love them. They're great for improving motor skills and they are made of beautiful vintage fabrics. These are $22 and are simply beautiful.

You can never go wrong with some soft wash cloths. These are from nowhiningpleez's Etsy shop. For $4.95, you get a trio of these soft cloths. Quite a bargain if you ask me!

In a similar vein, it is good to give new moms some burp cloths. In a pinch when I'm running out of time, I may go to Target and just pick some up, but those ones are always kind of thin and boring. These are from momsblankies' Etsy shop. I think they are much classier than the ones you'll get at a box store and definitely better quality. $12 for 3 burp cloths. Sign me up!

Bath books are always a big hit. I have a friend who reads her little girl the following Sandra Boynton bath book, Bath Time!, to her twelve-month old every night in the bath. I like that she uses something I gave her at her shower every day. Plus, I really like Rainbow Fish, so I have to say that is an excellent bath book, too. They are wonderful for little babies because they don't tear, kids can chew on them, and, well, they're not exactly reading yet, are they?

The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister

Bath Time! by Sandra Boynton

So, in case you haven't noticed, I like to use Etsy for my shower presents. This is because you can find any difficult to find item you have ever wanted by simply searching the site. Including this rhino onesie I had made for my Bestest Friend when her baby was bellybound. Etsy also has a feature called Alchemy where you can request items be made and a crafty person makes it for you. It's pretty awesome, so if you search the site and can't find it, Alchemy it. This rhino onesie was from YadaYadaYada's Etsy shop (currently available for $10). Apparently this shop is going out of business because of new regulations, so the stuff is heavily discounted. Go forth and buy!!

In case I haven't blogged about it enough, happydaystudio is one of my absolute favorite Etsy shops. Her handmade watercolor greeting cards make me very happy. I love that she has one that is a happy baby card that she will make to your customization. She made one for me (not the one posted below) with a blonde mom and a dark-haired dad with olive skin. It's such a nice touch to tie your present up with such a gorgeous, thoughtful card. $5 at this store.

Another fantastic online resource I like to use is Pipsqueak Boutique. They sell all kinds of fun baby shower gifts, including items that can be personalized. I like the My Very Own Name book (although typically I give it as a baptism or first birthday gift). Customer service is not Pipsqueak Boutique's number one priority, but the quality of their merchandise is first rate.

To suck up to new moms, it's always nice to think about them at showers and not always the new baby. Aimee Gowns makes nursing gowns that are practical and comfortable for when the baby is born and still being a parasite. (Maybe this parasite thing is why I don't have kids?)

Also, sometimes it's nice to buy the diaper bag and fill it up with things the parents might not put on the registry, but will inevitably need - baby utensils, dishes, Tylenol, socks (oh, have I not mentioned socks yet?), the mesh things to put the baby socks in so that they don't get lost in the dryer, rattles, teething rings, etc. I also like to put in gift cards to local stores - Target or the equivalent big box, a local grocery store for those inevitable late night runs for diapers, and gas stations. New parents don't want to leave their damn car with an infant to pay for gas.

Now you have it. My complete list. Well, except for the clothes. Because that's already been done. See here for more details on that.


  1. Those Rhino onesies are AWESOME. And you are the most thoughtful baby-buying person I know.

  2. Great ideas--and things like baby Tylenol, baby finger nail clippers, baby oil, extra plain onesies are often good things too and always in use.

  3. What a bunch of great ideas! I refuse to click through on any of those Etsy links, though, because every time I go to Etsy, I just want to buy everything I see.


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