Tuesday, October 28, 2008

There was much shopping

I warned you here that Bluefly was going to win on this dress if it kept up its super special sale. The purple dress is currently on its way to visit my closet. (Sleeves! On a dress! Whoo hoo!)

These are not the precise boots I wanted, but they are darn near perfect. It turns out that the biking and running have made my calves HUGE and I require extra room. I ordered them LAST NIGHT and I have them on my feet right now. They are still too tight in the calf area and I'm contemplating whether or not it's bad enough to return them.

What? I swear I don't have enough black dresses in my closet. Oh...wait. (Sleeves! On a dress! Whoo hoo!)

I couldn't help it. Last night I went crazy with the credit card.


  1. I love those dresses!

    I like your 45 words project, too.

  2. Love the boots shown here, they are exactly same as I want for myself.

  3. I've been thinking I need new black boots myself. Since I just spent $109 on a new brown pair, though (in the same week I spent $100 on a few other pairs of shoes), I really think I need to wait. Boo. Congrats on YOUR new purchases, though! :-)

  4. Those dresses are excellent choices, I think! Send the boots back. When in doubt, opt for something you're sure about.


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