Friday, October 03, 2008

10 Things I Would Buy

The following is a list of ten things I would buy if I, you know, had money. Or wasn't such a miser. You decide where the truth lies. As I put together this list, it became apparent to me that I better go dress shopping or soon the perils of online shopping will become evident in the large number of boxes arriving at our doorstep!

Hi! Let's start off big, shall we? I'm a beautiful Marc Jacobs calfskin Alfred bag. I am gorgeous. Don't you want to touch my soft leather right now through the computer screen? I'm at Bluefly right now for just over $1000. I don't think NGS is going to get me ever in her lifetime, but still. A girl can dream. I am a perfect bag. I am the perfect size. I don't have logos and letters all over me. I am versatile. I am beautiful.

Hi! I'm a plum dress. With LONG SLEEVES. Dresses with sleeves aren't popular these days. But Bluefly is running a special on me and I'm only $60. NGS is pretty sure she's going to cave on this dress sale they're having. Oh, Bluefly, don't treat me bad.

Hi! I'm a Dyson DC25 Ball All-Floors Upright Vacuum cleaner. NGS wants me more than anything in the world because she has to deal with hardwood floors AND rugs in her apartment. I am great on both! One machine! Two jobs! Currently she has a crappy stick vacuum and this oh so sexy Dyson gets super duper reviews on NGS has bad allergies and is a vacuuming nut, but she currently hates the chore. Maybe if she had me, I would make it fun! and exciting! and she would be a vacuuming fool. Alas, at $499.49, this purchase may never be made. NGS is saving up all her gift cards, though!

Hi! I'm a little green dress with ruching along the bustline. I'm adorable. You can buy me at Ann Taylor on clearance for $89. You could probably wear me during all four seasons if you wanted to. I'm versatile and awesome. And sleeved!

Hi! I'm an adorable tweed skirt from Gap. I beg to be worn with something other than these boots, but wouldn't I look adorable paired with a jewel-colored sweater? Think emerald or sapphire or ruby with some kicky tights and heels. Oh, yeah. I cost $64, which is ridiculous, but I'm hoping to go on clearance soon.

Hi, I'm bookmarked and everything. White House Black Market has awesome clothes and you can find me there. I'm $168, though, and that seems ridiculous since I'm made of polyester. Plus, NGS has about a million little black dresses and even though I'm super cute and just the right length and look at that brilliant neckline, I will probably not be purchased. Unless I go on massive clearance and cost about a quarter of what I do right now. Unlikely, I guess.

Hi! I'm an owl pillow from the Lolley Land Etsy shop. I make NGS coo every single time she checks her Etsy favorites page and there I am. I might be purchased as a holiday gift for a certain family member. I am $28 and there are other owl pillows in different colors who would also like to get a new home during the holidays!

Hi! I'm an adorable pig print. I come from Constant Dreamer's Etsy shop ($20) and can't tell you how much NGS really wants me. However, I am impractical and NGS can't actual come up with a genuine place to put me. It is sad, however, I will persevere and maybe a certain Biker Boy will pony up for Christmas. Or just because he can't stand how adorable I am!

Hi! I'm boots! Kenneth Cole Reaction boots, to be specific ($193). NGS has a pair of Nine West boots that look similar to this, but, sadly, they have been resoled approximately eighty million times (okay, three) in the two years she has owned them and they make her angry with their constant resoling neediness after only being worn for about two hours. So, the Nine West boots are going to hit the road and I will be their replacements. Someday. When NGS can talk herself into half a rent payment for shoes . Or maybe I will go on sale. I am bookmarked, too! So NGS can check on my status at all times of the night or day.

Hi! I'm truly too decadent to imagine. I'm a fantastic set of greeting cards from smackofjellyfish's Etsy shop. I have 26 cards, each one with the collective noun of a particular animal, from a to z. A bloat of hippopotamuses, a parliament of owls, and crash of rhinoceroses are some of my personal favorites. I cost $65 and that's not too bad for 26 cards. I mean $2.50 per handmade card is a bargain, right?


  1. Listen, if you get nothing else, you must have that Dyson. Once you've gone Dyson, you never go back.

  2. I love all the clothes you picked, especially the plum dress.

  3. OK, now I just want to find a reason to buy a new dress. Unfortunately, in the winter, I almost never find a reason to WEAR a dress.


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