Monday, August 11, 2008

C25K - Week Two

Here is a rundown of our Couch to 5K program progress from week one, as a refresher.

So this past week, we moved up to running for ninety seconds at a time (up from sixty) and walking for two minutes (up from ninety seconds) in between. We did this rotation about six times. This is not a program for people who want to see progress super duper quickly.

Running Day 1: Crap. I have on a really old sports bra and it's not quite up to the job. Damn.

Next Day: Ummmm...well, at least I have boobs.

Running Day 2: This was the worst day ever. The entire right side of my body was in revolt. My right ankle, in particular, did not like this. As soon as we started on our five-minute "brisk walk" workout, I was limping. And then my quads hurt. And pretty soon I was an unhappy NGS. BB looked at me, asked how I was doing, and in my quest not to whine so much, I simply said I was okay. When we got back to our apartment, I spent ten minutes on the ground, simply turning my ankle around and around in a circle, making sure it was not permanently injured.

Next Day: Whee...let's go for a bike ride! All better here!!

Running Day 3: Oh, my GOD! The weather has broken. It is now almost chilly in the morning, as opposed to miserably oppressive and disgusting. It's beautiful out and I'm enjoying the day so much that not once did I consider complaining about anything. No stitch in my side, no ankle pain, no sweat pouring down my face, no sunscreen in my eyes. I imagine that it's days like this that people actually run.

Furthermore, I'm starting to notice that stretching my legs is getting easier. We did this whole thing partially because our flexibility is somewhat like the flexibility of a tree - we bend a tiny bit, but not enough to do yoga correctly. The stretching at the end is my least favorite part of the entire thing, but I'm noticing slight improvements and can only hope it will get better.

Next Day: Whee...let's go for a bike ride!

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