Monday, August 04, 2008

C25K - Week One

Biker Boy eats a lot more than I do. He can do this because his body does not absorb anything. Unfortunately, my body does absorb and since we have moved in together, I have slowly been putting on some weight. Biker Boy has slowly been losing flexibility in his legs. We needed to do something to address these issues.

So, in addition to our regular yoga/cycling/aerobics workouts, we started the Couch to 5K running program last week. We went to a fancy schmany running store and got fitted for shoes (hideous shoes - why are running shoes so ugly?), bought ourselves a wristwatch with a stopwatch function, and were ready to go.

The first week involves sixty seconds of running followed by ninety seconds of walking for about eight rotations. Here's how this week went.

Running Day 1: My body is stupid. It stupidly runs because, hey, why not?

Next Day: Oh, shit. My inner thighs hurt. Should it hurt to...oh, my GOD!

Running Day 2: My body knows what's up this time and does not cooperate. I bitch about the heat, the stitch in my side, and how I didn't get a good look at that cute dog because we went by it too fast.

Next Day: Really? But my shins hurt. And my abs. Why do my abs hurt? Someone, anyone? Answer me this.

Running Day 3: After a scolding from my wonderful husband, I will only comment on the positive now. What a beautiful day! That interval didn't seem so bad! Good thing we're on the walking portion of the interval going up that big hill (read: slight incline)! Biker Boy glares at me.

Next Day: Everything is fine in my world. I can't wait to switch to next week's intervals!

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  1. Thanks for your comments. Good luck with the running. I tried it once for about 6 months when Hubbz was simply boyfriend and it didn't stick. The running, that is. He did :-)

    I'll be adding you to my reader... and clicking through ;-)


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