Sunday, April 27, 2008


I am obsessed with greeting cards.

I have a box of cards, including thank you, birthday, wedding, baby/wedding shower, sympathy, thinking of you, and any number of holidays you can imagine, in our closet. Whenever one of these events happens, I pull out the box of cards and off goes the card in the mail. I am one of those crazy people who sends everyone I know a card on their birthdays, so you can imagine the number of cards in my card box.

Lately I have been somewhat frantic about thank you cards. See, I don't want to send out a bunch of boring thank you cards to our wedding guests, so I went on a mission to buy awesome cards that will make our thank you cards wonderful and beautiful without me actually having to take the time (ha! what time?!) to get out the cardstock and make them myself.

So I discovered Etsy. Now, some of you may already be so cool you know about Etsy. But, if you are not as savvy about the Internet shopping as I am, you may not know. People from all over sell their handmade stuff on Etsy. You order from them, it's a terrific price, transactions are made through PayPal, and handmade stuff comes to you. Then you give these to your friends and family and they think you are 1) creative and 2) talented. Even when you are neither.

I have purchased many greeting cards from Etsy, along with almost all of my Christmas presents last year, and I don't think it's giving too much away to say, almost all of the presents for our wedding party. I have really really really enjoyed doing my shopping this way. It made Christmas so much more pleasant for me this year, I can't tell you enough.

Here are a favorite of my shops: Crafty Red Fox, Apakshop, happy day studio (have you ever seen anything cuter than this?), and Bee Dazzles Gifts. Oh, but you want to buy something that isn't a greeting card you say? Oh, they have that, too. Jewelry, clothes (all the adorable, one of a kind onesies you could possibly want to make YOUR gift the hit of the baby shower!), purses, housewares, toys, pottery, whatever. It's there!

So, ummmm..., I'm not sure why I started this post, except to tell everyone that my new obsession means that if you come over to my apartment and notice that our mailbox is bulging, it is a combination of wedding RSVPs and cards from Etsy that are forcing it to look like that!

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