Saturday, February 09, 2008

This was really difficult!!

So my new friend, Denora, tagged me for a meme, which is a concept I don't completely understand, but sounds similar to a chain email that you add to each time. Anyway, I found it thought provoking, so here's my best attempt at playing along. Part of the reason this turned out to be so difficult is because Denora referred to me as "hysterical" and I don't want to let her down. But reading through my archives leads to believe I am not "hysterical" so much as "crazy moody pyscho bitch." I shall carry on, as Tim Gunn would advise, however.

** Post about the meme and link back to the person that tagged you.
** Go back to your archives and link to your five favorite posts.

Link One: must be about family
Link Two: must be about friends
Link Three: must be about yourself
Link Four: must be about something you love
Link Five: can be anything you choose

** Tag five other people (at least two must be new acquaintances so that you can get to know them better).

Family: Oookay. I looked far and wide for hysterical on this. Familial relationships are not great in these neck of the woods. Here is one discussing a really good time I had last summer with my mom and sister. Here's one about how much I love my mom and the things she has done for me. Here I am already breaking rule. One link about family?! Crazy talk.

Friends: My friend Erock hates this story I tell about her. But it cracks my shit up. This is a recent one about one of my high school friends. It made me deeply sad when I first wrote it and it almost made me cry as I reread it, but it's honest. But not hysterical.

Yourself: I think these pictures sum up who I am as a person. Who acts like that in public?!? But, every once in a while, days like this make those pictures seem like distant memories that can never come back.

Love: Biker Boy treats me so well, as clearly demonstrated here. I don't know what I'd do without him.

Anything I want: So much freedom in this last category. Oh, boy, what do I choose? How can I make such an important decision?! It's all about Minneapolis. After some years of growing pains, I can officially declare my love for this city.

Okay, I'm supposed to tag five other people. I don't know that five other people read this. If you read it, do this!! And let me know you're doing it. I'll post-tag you!! See, I can make up my own rules cuz I rock!!

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  1. Yay! I'm glad you did it. You wouldn't hae let me down if you chose not to. Some people like these things, some don't. And don't worry, "hysterical" often means "crazy moody psycho bitch" in my world, especially when I say I'm hysterical. One question: What did Biker Boy think of Ducky?


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