Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Yep. I have p-neumonia. That's what my bestest friend calls it. And a cracked rib. Because what could be better than pneumonia than a cracked rib. It hurts. I'm on all kinds of meds. So this is what happens when one gets really sick. You get lots of sympathy, but the sympathy doesn't make the work get done. Weird.

I talked to our Director of Graduate Studies and he is moving my prelim date back a week. Which is good, because I need an extra week, but bad, because this means NO SPRING BREAK for me. And I was planning on road tripping it with Biker Boy that week, but we promised we'd do it at the start of the summer instead.

Oh, did I mention the incredible appetite. When I first started the antibiotic, it made me ill. Like I was going to puke the whole time. But now that I'm finished with the antibiotic, I eat EVERYTHING. Yum yum yum. Leftovers from mid-January? What could be better? Four danishes? Yes. Right now. Feed the monster.

Big John is making me a pot. I want the whiter glaze. That's actually funny to me, but to Big John, it just emphasizes that I am the whitest white person in Minnesota, the whitest white state ever.

Pneumonia sucks.

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