Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Dead Letters by Caite Dolan - Leach

Dead Letters by Caite Dolan - Leach is the tale of two twin sisters, one of whom goes missing and the other who goes on a wild chase in an attempt to find her. There are complicated family dynamics, more alcoholics than you can shake a stick at, and a quest.

The tone was forbidding and menacing and while I wasn't exactly shocked by the ending, I also wasn't unsurprised. The mystery was solid, the plot convoluted enough to be interesting while also linear enough to follow, and the whole setup was twisted enough to make me start to really feel grateful for the relative saneness of my family.

I read this on a rainy day on the couch with no real break between chapters. I thought it was a page turner and I was really invested in the plot.  But. The drinking. Oh, heavens, the drinking. There was wine, champagne, beer, gin, whiskey.  There were mimosas before noon. Each one of these characters was a terrible person with a drinking habit that should have meant they had all died decades earlier.

But I generally enjoyed this. It was not a book I'll probably remember much of a year from now, but it was a pleasant enough diversion for an afternoon on the couch.

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