Friday, October 20, 2017

2017 CSA Week 20: The Final Basket

This week brings us our last basket. I'm simultaneously sad that I won't get my weekly surprise box and happy I won't have to rush around like a lunatic on Thursday afternoons to pick up the basket before I have to go to my second job.
Sweet potatoes (a bunch of fingerlings)
Butternut squash
Sweet peppers
This basket is completely usable.

I now have pounds and pounds of carrots and I know that it seems limitless right now for my raw carrots as a lunch staple, but my guess is that I'll be all done eating what I have right now by late November and I'll be sadly purchasing inferior quality carrots at the grocery store by December. I'll also eat those peppers raw with lunch sometime this week.

The chard will be used in a frittata. No one is surprised by that, right?

The onions and garlic are good storage vegetables. The rutabaga will be used as a crunchy part of a slaw that I'll make with the cabbage I'm still working my way through. 

Those sweet potatoes are the perfect size to make giant wedge sweet potato fries. I'm pretty pumped about those. Maybe for dinner sometime this week? Or a lunch dish on a day when we're home for lunch? 

And that is the 2017 CSA Season all wrapped up. Happy eatings, my friends, and we'll be back next year with more tales from the Regenerative Roots Farm.

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