Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me, Sonicare?

I have a well documented dental regime. About five years ago, Dr. BB and I purchased a Philips Sonicare electric toothbrush on the recommendation of our dentist and it was a glorious thing. Seriously.  I loved that thing. 

We got the fanciest toothbrush because he and I have different dental needs. I need a setting especially for gum care and he needs...something else that is actually pretty standard on most electric toothbrushes, so really it's MY issue that forces us up into the luxury model of electric toothbrushes. ANYWAY. 

There are a few things to note.  First, the toothbrush heads are neatly stored. Second, there are TWO buttons (one for power, one to select the setting).
This is the traveling case. Note how the toothbrush heads are beautifully stored with their plastic caps.  (Mine is five years old and I definitely cleaned it after I saw how it gross it was in this photo.)

But we recently discovered that our precious beloved toothbrush was losing power. It had put in five years of good service, so we bought the newer version of the same toothbrush

And it gives me the sads. Why? Why did it LOSE functionality in the redesign?
The thing that bothers me the absolute most is how the toothbrush heads just sort of hang out in the cup.  I That is not neat and organized. I think this was probably designed with the idea that only one person would use the toothbrush and you could just store the toothbrush with the head on it, but we share this toothbrush. You'll also notice that this only has one button. It is both the power button and the way to choose the setting, but I can't figure out how to change the setting, so if it's on Dr. BB's setting, I just use that one. It totally defeats the purpose of why we got this and I want my second button back.
But who in the hell designed this travel case?!  The heads don't even fit in there!! Yes, you can fit them in there if you take the plastic caps off, but who does that?  You're going to get toothpaste and bacteria from your toothbrush head in your travel case! If you get a head that isn't one of the standard heads shown, it won't fit in the case EVEN WITH THE PLASTIC CAP off.  Yes, caps lock. This is how upset I am about this redesign.  This is...ridiculous. 

There are a couple of things I do like about the redesign. I like that the rubber is gone because our rubber was starting to peel back on the old toothbrush. I like that the travel case closes magnetically instead of with a plastic clasp; again, after five years of hard labor, our the clasp on the old case is no longer functional. 

But seriously? We purchased a $170 toothbrush that doesn't make me happy in every single way? That's not acceptable to me.

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