Friday, August 04, 2017

2017 CSA Week 9: Heirloom Tomatoes!

This week reminds me that we still in the heart of the growing season, despite oddly cool temperatures.  This week the list brings us lots of goodies.

Summer squash (1 large; 1 medium; 1 teeny tiny)
Cucumbers (2)
Heirloom tomatoes (3)
Dragon's tongue beans (they have strange coloring, but when heated turn green and taste like green beans)
Fresh garlic (2 bulbs)
Jalapeno (2)
Fennel (2)

I'll eat the carrots, cucumbers, and tomatoes raw. I'll use the fennel in a slaw. The patty pan squash has never been a favorite around here, but maybe I'll slice it and grill it and see what happens. I'll tell myself that I'll make pesto with the basil sometime early next week, but in actuality, I will through it out next week when I pick up the new CSA. :) 

We occasionally use jalapeno peppers in a couple of Mexican-inspired recipes, so maybe we'll use those. We'll use the kale in a frittata as is our norm. Those dragon tongue beans are a favorite of our farmers, but I don't love green beans so much and I don't love those dragon tongues. I guess I'll try to get Dr. BB to eat most of them, but the rest I'll chop up and eat raw for lunch, complaining about it the whole time. 

2017 has been a challenge, my friends. I'm trying to work up enthusiasm for things like the CSA in the hopes that summer 2017 can somehow rebound, but, if I'm being honest, I can't. I should really want to make pesto and use all the ingredients, but lately I just have a shoulder shrug for the unused vegetables that end up in our compost.  I'm going to go all Dan Savage here and say it will get better and I know it will, but in the meantime, I'm going to complain about having to eat green beans.

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