Friday, July 21, 2017

CSA Week #7: Tomatoes Arrive!

I really did do well with the basket last week. I don't know if there was much waste at all. Let's see if we can continue this trend. This week is not as heavy on things I can just throw raw into my lunch, so it might be a smidge more challenging.

Sungold tomatoes
Cucumber (3)
Rainbow chard
Green beans
Bok choy 

I'll make a salad for lunch one day this week and that will use the lettuce.  The cukes will just get chopped up and eaten, mostly for snacks. The tomatoes are already gone. Ha. Half the box was in my belly during the walk home from picking up the basket.  We still have green beans left from last week. Dr. BB says he'll help me eat them, but then he never does, so we'll see how that goes. If worse comes to worse, I can eat them raw in lunch, but green beans are not my favorite, so I generally resist that. 

We used the chard in a frittata last night.  We're going to make a chicken and fennel slow cooker dish for dinner Monday and Tuesday nights.  I don't know what we'll do with the onions, but if I'm being completely honest I'll let you know that I'll probably throw them away in three weeks.  I'll stir fry the bok choy at some point next week for lunch.

And that's it. Things are slowly starting to normalize, but I'm currently traveling back to forth to Michigan on the weekends because of a crisis in MY family instead of to Iowa for Dr. BB's family so that normalization is slow to arrive.

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