Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Final Walk Through

No working lock!
You guys! We did our final walk through on the house this afternoon. The requested work from the home inspection has been completed, the current owners are in the midst of packing mayhem, and there's a random porcelain bathtub in the garage that wasn't there the last time we were there.  I sure hope that bathtub is removed or I'm going to raise a stink about that.

It turns out that the front door of the house honestly doesn't have a lock on it. There's a hook and eye on the screen door AND THAT IS THE SECURITY. That's not really an issue for us because next week we're having a locksmith come to the house to change all the locks, but it did reinforce to me that the town we're moving to is pretty safe.

Other things that are happening:
1) Handyman is coming to talk to us about installing a dishwasher. This is going to involve carpentry, plumbing, and electricity, but we are not savages. A dishwasher must go in. I've read lots of stuff online about how humans been washing dishes by hand forever and this may be so, but I have chronic dermatitis on my hands and immersing my hands in hot water makes it 1000% worse, so a dishwasher is a necessity.  Anyway, we've looked at dishwashers, costs of permits, and now we need to find someone to actually do it. 

2) Housecleaners are coming to do a thorough cleaning before we move. There weren't a lot of options here, so we had to go with someone who doesn't have the best reviews in the world, but that's the price you pay for living in middle America.  I want a thorough cleaning done, but I don't want to do it.

3) Pest control people are being contacted. I don't want to write too much on here about my husband's relationship with insects, but suffice it to say that this was on the top of his to-do list.

4) Switching utilities. This is Dr. BB's duty, so I don't know much about it. I think it's mostly electricity, gas, water, and garbage, but I think he's also working on internet. Not my deal-o.

5) Movers will be moving us. We will do a small amount of packing, but mostly they're going to be packing and moving us. This is not taking place until about a week and a half after we close, so we're excited to have a bit of time in between to do things like changing the locks and cleaning.

Things we're sort of undecided on:
1) There's one room that absolutely needs to be painted. It's pink. Like Pepto-Bismol. But it's a room we're currently calling the "extra room" because we don't know what we're going to do with it. We've read that you should paint right away before the room has stuff in it, but there's not going to be much in it, so...can't this wait?

2) The yard is a jungle. Should we hire a landscaper to help us figure out where to start or just start tearing everything up? Can we do that in mid-June/early July or does all that have to wait until fall or next spring? Should we buy a lawn mower? What kind? HOW THE HELL DOES ANYONE KNOW THESE ANSWERS?

3) We haven't quite figured out which of the bedrooms will be our master bedroom and which will be the office. This should be easy but only one room has appropriate outlets for our computer stuff and that's the room that should be the master bedroom. The room without appropriate outlets has no closet so I'm not sure that's a master bedroom sort of room. There are other layout questions (most of them revolving around where our books will live), but I'm hoping that in the week and a half between closing and moving we can figure that out. 

Thoughts? Advice?  Suggestions? 


  1. I know it's a typo, but your "humans been washing dishes by hand forever" cracked me up. You know you have to read that with total sass now.

  2. I agree 100% on the dishwasher as a necessity.

    You can totally paint that room later! We painted every room right before we moved in except for what eventually became our daughter's room. I will say -- and you probably know this already, but just in case -- things do become "invisible" after a while, so taking care of things right away helps ensure you don't have cupboards with no baseboards six years after you moved in, not that I know how that feels.


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